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Backlinks: Blessing or Curse?

Is SEO the magic lamp of Internet marketing?

Of course it is not. And this is a common mistake that many companies make, and that costs them dear. 

Marketing itself is rarely a source of certainity. There are so many factors on the table, and some of them change so quickly sometimes, that there are no guarantees that any strategy will pay off. Even more, there is never zero chance of these strategies actually backfiring and ending up being a total waste of money, effort and time.


The Benefits of a Backlink Audit 2015

What are backlinks?

If you are familiar with one line search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, then you must have heard of backlinks. For those of you who have never heard of a backlink, you might be wondering, “what is a backlink”. A backlink is a link coming in from one website to another. The main idea behind using backlinks in online marketing is that your website becomes more popular with each backlink pointing back to it. Backlinks are quite effective because it create awareness for your website and increases the amount of visitors to your site which will eventually result in an increase of potential new customers. 

Although backlinks can be quite effective, there are moments when they can ineffective and create a lot of damage. As a website owner, it is not wise to have any and every site linking back to your website. There is a common statement which says that someone can tell who you are by looking at your friends. Although, this is not 100% accurate, most of the times people associate themselves with like-minded people. In the same way, if you have websites with a bad reputation linking back to your website, you will also be classified as a website with a bad reputation which will result in you getting low rankings on search engines or your website can even get banned from certain websites.


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