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A Brief Introduction

At First Rate SEO, we are a passionate and dynamic team of seasoned professionals from the world of SEO, determined to help new businesses to understand the concept of SEO with relative ease, thereby making use of the same in order to strengthen one’s online presence. Unlike the common perception about SEO and online marketing being highly technical and complicated areas, we strive to differ by saying that once you understand the fundamental concepts, it is not as difficult as it seems. So in case you are not very familiar with the concept of SEO, but you want to improve your search engine ranking, you’ve come to the absolutely right place!

How to Get Back Links

Back Links refer to those links that direct a user from another website to your website, and if the back link is from an authority site or important niche directory that has high search engine ranking, then your website’s SEO receives a boost as well. Some of the easiest ways of getting back links include guest post submissions wherein you provide a piece of high quality content, along with a small description of your company and back link to your site at the bottom. You could also achieve the same via directory submissions to important online directories. To find out more about back links, please register with us!

Right Use of Keywords

There are two parts to using keywords- the first part being the identification of the right keywords, and the second is that you use the identified keywords appropriately. When it comes to identifying the right keywords for your website, you must be careful in choosing long tailed ones that exactly match your offerings, and you must start with low or medium competition ones. You can use the Google Keyword tool for the same. Secondly, you must refrain from stuffing too many keywords into your content, as that would lead to penalties. The keyword density needs to be restricted, and must sync with the content that you post.

Headings and Meta Tags

The Main Heading of your content for every page must have the keywords that you are competing, and the Meta tag for every page also should have the appropriate keywords for the search engine spiders to identify the web page with relative ease. Also ensure that all the links on your website are functional, as redundant elements on your website will lower its search ranking.

Refrain from Plagiarism

Duplication of content or plagiarism is one of the biggest sins as far as SEO is concerned, and it could result in heavy penalties for your website. So always ensure that your content is unique, and is arranged systematically with appropriate headings, sub-headings and the right keyword density. To get further in-sights on content-writing, subscribe to our weekly newsletter today!

Social Network Tabs

With increasing use of social media platforms across the world, it is important that you add social media tabs, especially that of Google Plus, in order to gain brownie points from Google.




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